What We Do

Accountable Intelligence

Our national security customers are constantly challenged to enhance the quality and speed of 
mission-critical decisions.

They face exponential growth in the amount of data that needs to harvested and harnessed. 
But capacity is only half the story.

Customers need sustained confidence in smart decision making.

We appreciate the significance of the choices that must be made, and the need to base them on clear understanding.

We are the people you can depend upon for rapid and accountable intelligence gathering and analysis.

Make the Right Call

As steadfast partners, we understand your priorities.

You need capacity

mission-critical people and infrastructure

You demand commitment

trusted partners who stay the course and always deliver

You value compatibility

partners who understand how to add value within your mission environment.

You depend on confidence

solving problems today with an 
eye on tomorrow

Vibrint provides capacity, commitment, compatibility and above all confidence.

We provide the security-cleared operational and technical experts and the mission-critical systems you need to boost your capacity and capability to harvest and harness data, enhancing the quality and speed of mission-critical decisions.

Our Services

We ensure that our customers at the center and the edge are equipped to capture, analyze and act upon significant intelligence, by delivering an integrated package of high-performance infrastructure, hybrid and multi-cloud platforms, software engineering, analytical expertise and program management support.

Our services enable customers to:
Build and sustain readiness
Enhance the speed and accuracy of intelligence management
Make the best use of resources
Adopt new technologies and processes as circumstances change
Balance agility and rigor
Maintain accountability for decision making at every stage of the process
We understand the intelligence environment and appreciate the significance of the choices that must be made. We operate with humility and humanity, commitment and excellence, providing responsive and forward-looking solutions to the mission demands of today and tomorrow.

That’s why Vibrint is the right call for accountable intelligence.

We assure the continuity of mission resilience.

We enhance the performance of software, systems and infrastructure.

We enable decisive analysis of SIGINT.

We help you to make the right calls.

Collaboration Lab

Being responsive matters, because national security is a live show.

And being proactive is vital, because tomorrow’s challenges need to be anticipated.
Vibrint are your eyes and ears on the latest advances in technology.
We partner with many of the world’s leading innovators in their field, bringing them together with customers to work with our experts in the lab to design, build and test new solutions to evolving national security challenges.
We are platform agnostic, enhancing our ability to help customers pivot and adapt to changing needs.
The Vibrint Collaboration Lab provides a space to anticipate needs, explore options and build comprehensive solutions that withstand the test of time.
24,200 sq ft integration and DevOps lab, training rooms, and warehouse in Annapolis Junction, MD used together with our customers to evaluate new technologies and solutions.
When the mission demands it, we conduct benchmark testing of COTS products, enabling our customers to make sound investment decisions that best serve our national security.