High-performance Computing

Capabilities: Enterprise Hardware/Software/Cloud Procurement, 
Management, Configuration, Maintenance
The Vibrint team has decades of experience in enabling the national security community to access the very latest in commercial high-performance computing innovations.

Working closely with our trusted network of technology partners, we conduct continuous, in-depth technology exchanges, experimentation and evaluations. We assess  the latest approaches to high-performance networking, extreme storage, high performance file systems, low latency non-volatile storage and scalable metrics and monitoring.

The results of this work help us to design, test, build and sustain high-performance data systems that are totally aligned with the stringent mission requirements of our customers. They help to identify potential product gaps that influence the development roadmaps of our technology partners.  

Our Solution Architects also yield substantial savings for customers by hosting emerging technologies in our collaboration lab environment. These opportunities enable to customers to trial new and emerging capabilities at no cost, and no risk to sensitive mission networks.

We specialize in systems design, evaluation, integration and through-life support services centered around Agile Secure Supply Chain processes, including:

AI & Cloud Computing
Asset Management
Extreme Storage Architecture
High-performance Computing
High-performance Networking
Integration / IT Services
IT Solutions for EOL & EOS Material
Servers / Workstations
Virtualization Software

Software Systems And Infrastructure

Capabilities: CNO, DevSecOps, Identity Management, Virtualization and Orchestration
In an era of rapid technological evolution, the threat landscape is ever changing. To stay ahead of the nation’s adversaries, our customers need to be able to anticipate and adapt to change quickly.

At Vibrint, we empower our customers with cutting-edge systems and software, helping them to maintain that critical strategic advantage. The tools we provide strengthen their ability to generate the insights that underpin effective national security operations and deliver mission success.

Our team at Vibrint comprises a dedicated group of experts including software developers, network and systems engineers, systems administrators, solutions architects, and operations technicians. Together, we enable customers to harness the latest technological advancements in data collection, analysis, dissemination and management. We specialize in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining systems that allow federal agencies to defend and engage more effectively.

Systems Engineering:

Concept development, requirements analysis, architecture development, and system design
System integration and test

Software Engineering:

Application development in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C/C++, Perl, and Python.
Applications programming in AWS, HDFS, Linux, Unix, WinTel and virtual environments.
Experience in Java technologies, such as the Java EE development framework, EJB, CDI and JPA
Implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions using REST and SOAP.
Web-based and web-enabled applications development using HTML/CSS, XML/JSON, JSF, jQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap.
Big Data engineering and administration with Hadoop, Apache Accumulo, Apache Hbase.
Search/Analytics development using Map/Reduce, Solr, Elastic Search.
Relational Database engineering and administration in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase.
NoSQL Database engineering and administration in MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra.
Use of open source software such as Spring, Hibernate, Apache, etc.
GUI development using Swing, JSF, JQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS .
Experience with Ant and Maven build tools as well as continuous integration tools (e.g., Hudson/Jenkins).
Experience with Agile development methodologies and related tools such as Jira, Version One, Rally.
Experience with Agile development methodologies and related tools such as Jira, Version One, Rally.
Configuration Management (CM) expertise with Subversion, Git, Clearcase.
System maintenance and life cycle support.

SIGINT Operations, Research And Analytics

Capabilities: Mission Support, Network Engineering, Analytic Development, Integration
Vibrint has deep expertise in enabling the national security mission with analytical, technical, and program support in signals intelligence (SIGINT). We have a proven track record of supporting SIGINT operations that meet the most demanding mission requirements.

Our teams of analysts, engineers, and data scientists have decades of experience between them. Our customers call on them to help ensure the nation sustains strategic advantage over its adversaries.

For us, that means providing the systems and insights essential to reaching quality decisions at the speed of the mission. It means discovering and commanding new and emerging technologies and analytical techniques capable of harvesting and harnessing rapidly growing volumes of data. And it means sustaining a diverse team with the analytical and technical skills critical in a rapidly evolving field of operation.

As with all our work, our SIGINT teams are united by the goal of delivering quality, accountable intelligence to decision makers whenever and wherever they need it most.

Our specialists provide services across these areas of SIGINT operations:

Analytical development and integration
Network engineering
System support
Mission support

Mission Resilience

Capabilities: Business Continuity Planning: Test, Training, and Exercise
Vibrint provides turnkey support operations to federal customers in preparation of an All-Hazards approach to Mission Resilience.

We work with clients proactively to enable absolute readiness for any catastrophic event. Our all-hazards approach to mission resilience and disaster recovery helps clients greatly reduce the impact to their people, property and critical infrastructure should the unthinkable occur.

We specialize in developing enterprise-level Mission Resilience strategic plans, business process and impact analysis, reconstitution and disaster-planning test, training and exercises for national security missions.

Vibrint provides broad support to federal, state and local governments in the management, integration and facilitation of:

Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning/Business Continuity Planning
Test, Training and Exercise Course Development and Training Execution
IT Disaster Recovery Planning
Business Process Analysis and Plan Creation
Business Impact Analysis and Plan Creation
Gap Analysis & Corrective Action Planning
Critical Infrastructure Assessments
Alternate Site Selection/Planning
Reconstitution Planning
Facilities Risk Assessments